Anonymous asked: Do you think you can really get over someone by getting with someone new right away?


If your feelings were true you can not


Anonymous asked: I believe in the Law of Attraction and other things of that sort and my family thinks i am the devil or some shit. they just won't accept it and they keep coming at me with this go to church bullshit


I’m telling you man we’ve been programmed to think our parents are just old fashion and they just don’t get us but we need old fashion .. The 48 laws of power is evil .. The only thing I’d take from there is ” infection : avoid the unhappy and the unlucky ” because that shit is contagious .. It wouldn’t hurt to go to church ..even if you don’t completely agree at least listen to the message. Your parents would appreciate it.

“If he can’t make me laugh until my stomach hurts then he’s just not good. I don’t care how beautiful he looks if he can’t keep my soul aching.”

– (via c0ntemplations)